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Fusion of Cultures: Seed and Ling Long in Kuala Lumpur’s Dining Scene

As you make your way to Block E, the latest dining Hub in Damansara Heights, you’ll be greeted with an ambiance that’s unparalleled. The contemporary design and gorgeous architectural improvements will leave you in awe. The space has been thoughtfully curated, with the perfect mix of privacy and openness that provides an unmatched dining experience. Discover the hottest and newest dining spots in KL!

-The Five

Fusion of Cultures: Seed and Ling Long in Kuala Lumpur’s Dining Scene

Combining French and Chinese epicurean inspiration, Ling Long is an unexpected coupling of haute cuisines, yielding incredible results. With a shared love for complex sauces, layered textures, rich poultry and quality seafood, the two complementary personalities of fine dining have more in common than you would expect.

-The Yum List

New cafe & restaurant openings to visit in KL this June 2023

Introducing a sophisticated French-Chinese restaurant that combines the best of both worlds.  The name itself refers to “exquisite” and “intricate” in Chinese, representing the restaurant’s culinary concept of offering a refined dining experience. For the time being, only two menus are offered, each with five or eight dishes that showcase local foods blended with foreign aspects to create creative sensations for diners. 

-First Classe

Gorgeous New Chinese-French Cuisine Restaurant Opens In KL Serving Innovative Dishes

Ling Long, the latest addition to The Five@KPD in Damansara Heights CBD, offers diners a unique and unforgettable Chinese dining experience. Ling Long’s innovative approach to Chinese cuisine showcases the depth and complexity of traditional dishes in new and exciting ways by incorporating French culinary techniques.

-KL Foodie

11 new restaurants, cafes and bars in Malaysia to try in June 2023

Just above Seed by Whitegrass at The Five @KPD is Ling Long, a modern Chinese eatery that combines the rich and punchy Chinese flavours with French techniques. Led by head chef Lucas Lam, Ling Long offers a unique experience within its earth-toned interior. One of its signature dishes is ceviche prawns made with a tangy marinade and fu yu (fermented bean curd). You may choose to sit at the bar to witness all the action in the kitchen or at the table for a more intimate and private dining.

-Tatler Asia


Debuting above another new establishment, Seed by Whitegrass (featured in last month’s BUROEats), Ling Long is a modern French-Chinese restaurant that blends tradition with innovation. The name means “exquisite” or “intricate” in Chinese, reflecting its culinary philosophy of providing a refined, elegant dining experience. There are two menus available at launch, with either five or eight courses that highlight local ingredients infused with international elements to present innovative flavours.